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09/10 발표 논문 자료 입니다.


A Decomposable Attention Model for Natural Language Inference

번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
공지 [공지] 논문 발표 리스트 음파선생 2018.01.26 3410
공지 게시판 자료 복구의 건 음파선생 2017.09.11 277
229 [논문반] Pelee: A Real-Time Object Detection System on Mobile Devices file MINI 2019.02.11 73
228 [논문반]Video to Video file 오디 2019.02.11 20
227 [논문반]GAN-based Synthetic Medical Image Augmentation for increased CNN Performance in Liver Lesion Classification file Dragon 2019.01.29 116
226 [논문반] AtomNet: A Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Bioactivity Prediction in Structure-based Drug Discovery file 스마트디바이스 2019.01.28 41
225 [논문반] DroNet: Learning to Fly by Driving file 스마트디바이스 2019.01.28 45
224 [논문반] A Unified Multi-scale Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Fast Object Detection file 스마트디바이스 2019.01.28 37
223 GLOW: generative flow with invertible 1x1 convolutions file 이동훈 2019.01.23 70
222 [논문반] How Does Batch Normalization Help Optimization? (No, It Is Not About Internal Covariate Shift) file ilguyi 2019.01.22 74
221 [논문반] BERT : Pre-training of Deep Bidirectional Transformer for Language Understanding file 음파선생 2019.01.07 270
220 [논문반] An overview of gradient descent optimization algorithms file ilguyi 2018.12.19 184
219 [풀잎-NLPBootCamp] Ask Me Anything - Dynamic Memory networks for Natural Language Processing file 음파선생 2018.12.08 166
218 [논문반] DeepLog: Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis from System Logs through Deep Learning file pakddo 2018.11.26 184
217 [논문반]UNet++ A Nested U-Net Architecture for Medical Image Segmentation file Dragon 2018.11.20 150
216 [논문반] Self-Attention with Relative Position Representations file 백병인 2018.10.22 252
215 [논문반]Attention-Gated Networks for Improving Ultrasound Scan Plane Detection file Dragon 2018.09.18 331
214 [논문반] Strunctured Attention Network / Attention is all you need file 백병인 2018.09.10 308
» [논문반] A Decomposable Attention Model for Natural Language Inference file 오디 2018.09.10 144
212 [논문반] neural machine translation by jointly learning to align and translate file 김은지 2018.09.03 188
211 [논문반] show attend and tell file 이동훈 2018.09.03 169
210 [논문반] Training Deep Networks with Synthetic Data: Bridging the Reality Gap by Domain Randomization file pakddo 2018.08.27 132